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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Anger is a normal human emotion filled with energy.

Having a loving attitude does not preclude being angry sometimes.

Anger is always a response to frustration and fear.  Because of its energy, it can e an important component in changing attitudes and behaviors which are unhelpful, or it can be an unhelpful, destructive force which compounds our frustration, fear, or sadness.  It is what we do with our angry feelings which makes all the difference.  it is always important to transform our energy which coming form anger into positive rather than negative action.

It is sometimes helpful to transform our anger by vigorous physical exercise.  This can clear our minds and allow us to consider our options without the confusion of severe anger.  After vigorous exercise, writing down our angry feelings rather than exploding them verbally can often be a constructive way to express anger and perhaps understand its source.  After writing down our feelings, we may want to share what we have written with the person with whom we are angry and ask them to respond to us in writing.  This will often help diffuse the intensity of the anger and lead to a solution.

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