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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This book has been partially excerpted from a previous publication by the author entitled A Psychology of Love. Both books encourage the day-to-day practice of principles which can help us secure our daily supply of life's necessities and secure that supply in ways which are more loving for ourselves and equally for others.  It is not the intention of the author to advocate any particular religious or political creed.

It is hoped that you will contemplate each page and focus on evaluating its relevance for you personally.  If a particular page has special meaning for you, you may wish to open the book to that page and leave it in a conspicuous place.  Please also feel free to duplicate a page and put it up somewhere as a frequent reminder to you of a particular helpful idea.

It is also recommended that if you have found the material helpful, systematically re-read it on a regular basis.  The author in fact, reads several pages daily in order to reinforce the principles which he has found to be helpful.  Meditation following reading opens our spirits to more fully learn what we need to about loving ourselves and others and getting what we need in positive ways.

That which is true in these pages is believed to be a gift from a Power greater than the author, as well as from the author's many teachers who are fellow travelers through this life.

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