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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We are all human. It is important to be forgiving of ourselves (not condemning of ourselves) for those times when we have had unloving attitudes and for those times when we have shown unloving behavior toward ourselves or others.

Evaluating ourselves for unloving attitudes and unhelpful or hurtful behavior toward ourselves or others is desireable.  It will help us have more loving attitudes and behavior in the present or future when faced with the same or similar situations.

It is not desirable, however, to be condemning of ourselves for anything. 

We all have impatient, unkind, possessive, ill-mannered, self-centered, jealous, greedy, and arrogant impulses as part of both our biological and learned natures.

There is no benefit in trying to deny that we have these impulses.  They are a part of us, and it is unhelpful for us to condemn these impulses.

We do need to control our unloving behaviors to the best of our ability, but we also need to be accepting of ourselves even with our unloving impulses.

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