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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Professions of love are truly meaningful only when accompanied by loving behavior.

If we tell other people that we love them, yet talk to them in a condemning, condescending, or perpetually dissatisfied manner, then our professions of love are not likely to be heard as sincere expressions of our true feelings.  If we say we love others and then put them down or fail to consider their point of view with respect, then we very likely to convey ill-mannered, aggressive, or passive-aggressive hostility rather than love.

If we say we love others and then ignore their real needs for food, clothing, shelter, safety, nurture, and acceptance, which we have the means to provide, then we will convey at the very least indifference rather than love.

If we say to ourselves that we intend to act in more loving ways toward ourselves and then persistently put ourselves down, overextend our resources, or avoid changing our unhelpful and harmful attitudes and behaviors, which we are capable of changing, then we are not likely to believe our professions of love for ourselves.

It has been said that "talk is cheap."  Our professions of love must be accompanied by loving actions in order for them to reach full or complete fruition.

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