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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sincere expressions of gratitude are very important in loving relationships.

When someone we love does something we appreciate, it is very important to let them know of our appreciation.  Saying, "Thank you," only takes an instant; yet its impact is induring.

"Thank you," gives positive re-enforcement to our children when their behavior is on target; and, "Thank you," lets our adult partners, friends and coworkers know they are not taken for granted.  "Thank you", acknowledges the help of strangers, and, "Thank you," lifts the spirits of longtime servants who faithfully perform their duties.  These servants include our barbers, nurses, fathers, secretaries, physicians, waitpersons, tailors, clergy persons, cooks, housekeepers, lawyers, mothers, baby sitters, dentists, teachers, store clerks, and others.

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